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Watch Drone returning to the Police Precinct

Watch Drones are used by the Police Department of the City.

A watch drone was used to track members of the Albanian Consortium as they drove in the City. Items can be carried and ejected by Watch Drones, as occurred during the hostage situation at the Sanderson Corporation. The drones appear to be controlled by human operators.

Criminal organisations are aware of the use of the drones for monitoring by the Police Department, and the clones of Ethan Avery checked to ensure that there were no drones in close proximity to their current location.


  • "Get that drone in the air. We've got to start negotiating." - Sandra Maldonado
  • "Keep your men back, but I want drones and spotters on every window and exit. I want to know what's happening with my men." - Sandra Maldonado
  • "Hey, boss...we're getting another delivery. The drone's coming." - Member of Vincent's gang[1]

  • "If there are drones in the area, we will know." - Avery Clone
  • "No drones. We're good." - Avery Clone[2]

  • "Aerial drone engaged. Thermal tracking online." - Richard Paul (over radio)
  • "2-5-20. Drone tracking has confirmed suspect has entered the building." - Dispatcher (over radio)
  • "Call the drone for backup."[3]

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