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Transcript - Perception
Season 1, Episode 10
AH 104b 0199
Air date February 10, 2014
Written by Sarah Goldfinger
Directed by Mimi Leder
Production order 4
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This article is a transcript of the Almost Human episode "Perception" from season 1, which aired on February 10, 2014.



ACT 1[]

[Montage of Scarlett Davis and Elinor Church. Scarlett exploring Sinclair Park and the physical world around her, and Elinor conducting a piece of music]

ANNOUNCER: The year is 2048, evolving technologies can no longer be regulated. Dangerous advancements forever alter the criminal landscape. Police are not prepared. Law enforcement combats this corruption with a new line of defense, but not all are created equal. Now all cops, human and man-made together, take on the battle to watch over us all.

John's Apartment[]

ANNA: John? Come here for a sec. I want to show you something. John.

[Phone rings]

KENNEX: Kennex.
MALDONADO: I got a case for you. Two girls died within minutes of each other, separate locations. One was brought into the morgue. The other is still on scene at Sinclair Park.
KENNEX: What's the connection?
MALDONADO: They were both students at Mendel Academy. And it wasn't something they were exposed to on campus. School pathogen sensors, all green.
KENNEX: I'm on my way.
MALDONADO: No. Dorian says you're still at home.

Sinclair Park and Morgue[]

KENNEX: Well, look who it is. Benedict Android.
DORIAN: Good morning to you, too, John.
KENNEX: Look, don't ever tell anybody where I am, where I was, what time I arrived or what time I left.
DORIAN: Captain Maldonado is our commanding officer.
KENNEX: She's on a need-to-know basis. Protect, serve, cover.
DORIAN: You want me to cover for you, why don't you tell me why you turned off your locator chip for two hours this morning?
KENNEX: What you don't know can't hurt me.
DORIAN: It's my job to know about you. You're not just a badge number and a questionable haircut.
KENNEX: Huh. What we've got? Was she stung?
DORIAN: No bee stings on her. Coroner didn't see any signs of an allergic reaction.

[Kennex activates his Comm]

KENNEX: Stahl, Kennex. Captain says we might be working the same case.
STAHL: Yeah, maybe so.
KENNEX: You got a cause of death?
STAHL: They're calling it cardiac arrest.
KENNEX: Which means they don't know. My girl's pupils are fixed and abnormally dilated. How about yours?
STAHL: They're huge, I've never seen anything like it.
KENNEX: You thinking O.D.?
STAHL: Yeah, but from what I don't know. The hospital ran a standard drug panel. It assays over 300 substances. Elinor came up clean.
KENNEX: Well, something stopped their hearts. There's always something new and exciting hitting the streets.
STAHL: I sent a blood sample to our lab. If there's something in this girl, we'll figure it out.
KENNEX: I just found some kind of container in her pocket. It's sealed. You got your vic's personals?
STAHL: Just got them. There's not much here. John? You still there?
DORIAN: You okay?
KENNEX: Yeah, yeah, keep going.
DORIAN: The container has a biometric lock circuit. It's activated by an individual's DNA.
STAHL: I have one, too.
KENNEX: It's empty.
STAHL: Mine, too.
KENNEX: Well, we better find out what was inside, before we find any more dead kids.

Precinct - Outside the meeting room[]

MALDONADO: The parents don't know anything about drugs. At least nothing they'll admit. The kids were chromes. Genetically engineered. I need you to liaison with the parents. They'll respond better to one of their own.
STAHL: I don't think that's a good idea. I-I tend to rub 'em the wrong way.
MALDONADO: You know their world.
STAHL: All right.

Precinct - Bullpen[]

STAHL: We were right, this is new.
KENNEX: What is it?
STAHL: The drug found in the blood of our victims contains a metabolite, it's a breakdown compound that indicates the presence of a drug or toxin.
KENNEX: Like what? Upper? Downer? Euphoric? Tremble stim? Hallucinogen? What are we talking about?
STAHL: Good question.
KENNEX: I thought chromes didn't do drugs.
STAHL: Generally they don't. But that doesn't mean they don't experiment. They just don't have addiction issues. Those genetic defects get corrected in the womb.
KENNEX: Well, these two girls definitely experimented.
DORIAN: "Apparently three girls did. The same compound was also found in the blood of a girl who died seven months ago. Lila Hoving, age 15. Also a student at Mendel Academy."
STAHL: I'll look into it, see if the girls were friends.
DORIAN: This one's different. She didn't O.D., she drowned.
KENNEX: She could've been on her way to an O.D., and drowned before her heart stopped.
DORIAN: The original investigation couldn't find any conclusive evidence of drug use.
KENNEX: Well, we've got more bodies than they do.
STAHL: There's a ton of chatter between these girls on social networks. They were definitely friends.
KENNEX: Take a team to the school and see what you can find out. We'll meet you there after we talk to the mother of the girl who drowned.

[Kennex has another flashback and takes a pill]

Act 2[]

Precinct - Corridor[]

DORIAN: I know you've been taking Membliss, John. I'm required to give updates on your mental and physical condition every 72 hours. You thought I wouldn't detect it? Are you seeing a recollectionist?
KENNEX: Look, I got it under control.
DORIAN: Prolonged use of Membliss may result in paranoia, visual distortions,--
KENNEX: Mm-hmm.
DORIAN: --short-term memory loss, migraines,--
DORIAN: --heart palpitations, increased risk of aneurysms,
KENNEX: Mm-hmm.
DORIAN: --blackouts,--
KENNEX: Right.
DORIAN: --and diarrhea.
KENNEX: Diarrhea? Oh, I thought it was the burrito.
DORIAN: Just wanted to make sure you were listening.
KENNEX: Look. I need those pills to help me. They open up memory clusters so I can remember things.
DORIAN: About the ambush.
KENNEX: Right. I got it under control.

Mrs Hoving's house - Garden[]

MRS HOVING: I could never have afforded Mendel on my own. Lila was special. And they let in a couple of naturals every year on scholarship.
KENNEX: So she wasn't a chrome? Lila wasn't genetically modified?
MRS HOVING: No. She was born gifted. She worked really, really hard. Straight A's all the way.
KENNEX: Is there anything you can remember about your daughter's death? Anything that might've come to you in retrospect? In your report, you said that Lila was a strong swimmer, that she never would've drowned. And that if she did have drugs in her system, that she wouldn't have done them alone.
MRS HOVING: That's right. If those drugs helped kill Lila, somewhere knew where she got them. But none of her friends would say anything. So I hired a private detective to find out more about what happened that night. But they denied being her friends. He got recordings of some conversations that proved they knew each other.
KENNEX: What was on them?
MRS HOVING: Talking about being with Lila that night. Like I thought.
KENNEX: Did they say anything about drugs?
KENNEX: Which friends?
MRS HOVING: Elinor Church and Scarlett Davis. What is this about?
KENNEX: We found those two girls dead this morning. They had the same unknown drug in their system as Lila did. But a lot more of it.
DORIAN: What did you do with the recordings?
MRS HOVING: I gave everything to the police.
DORIAN: There's no record of that.
MRS HOVING: I know, when I followed up on it, they said the recordings were blank.
KENNEX: What do you mean? You were told they were erased?
MRS HOVING: That's what I was told. They blamed it on a magnetic surge. They say that happens sometimes. Doesn't it?
KENNEX: Well, it can, but it's unlikely.
MRS HOVING: Are you suggesting someone made it disappear?
KENNEX: Anything's possible. Do you have the contact details of the private detective?
MRS HOVING: Let me get my phone.
KENNEX: Thank you. [Mrs Hoving leaves] Who was the cop that originally investigated the case?
DORIAN: Detective Geary, 23rd precinct.
KENNEX: Okay, well, let's find out what type of cop he was. Dirty? Clean? Put in a request.

Mendel Academy - Room[]

STAHL: You and Lila were the only naturals in your grade. I would think you would hang out together.
JESSICA: You'd think. You're one? You're a chrome?
STAHL: How did you know that?
JESSICA: I can tell by now. I've never seen a chrome as a police officer, though.
STAHL: I'm a detective. And stranger things have happened. We want to know if the drug that killed your classmates is being sold here. It's very important that you let us in on what you know. Or maybe what you've heard.
JESSICA: I don't know about drugs. I know Lila. Knew. I didn't know the other girls very well. Lila had aspirations. To get along. I don't know, this place is weird. Chromes can be, kind of weird, sometimes. No offense. Lila really wanted to be up there competing with the chromes. And who wouldn't want to? I have the grades to be here, but...I just, I don't feel I belong here. I'm just not sure I have what it takes to stay. I-If it wasn't so important to my parents, I-I'd transfer.
STAHL: I bet you fit in better than you know.

Mendel Academy - Room[]

STAHL: You knew Scarlett and Elinor. You have any classes with them?
MARSHALL: Computer science. Advanced.
STAHL: We were wondering if--
MARSHALL: There are no illegal drugs at Mendel.
KENNEX: You didn't let her finish the question.
MARSHALL: Was she gonna say something else?
STAHL: How can you be so sure there are no illegal drugs at Mendel?
MARSHALL: Just am.
STAHL: Your friends are dead. Aren't you afraid that whatever happened to them is gonna happen to you?
MARSHALL: I don't do illegal drugs.
KENNEX: Oh, that's smart, "illegal" drugs. What about legal drugs? Or new drugs that haven't been made illegal yet?
MARSHALL: You wouldn't understand.

[Kennex has a flashback]

KENNEX: Come on, Marshall. Why don't you try and explain it? I mean, what are you trying to protect?

[Other student, outisde the room, mouths "You wouldn't understand." at Kennex]

STAHL: What did he say?
KENNEX: He said we wouldn't understand.

Act 3[]

Mendel Academy - Room[]

DORIAN: John, I found this in Scarlett's dorm room.
KENNEX: You have her DNA on file?
KENNEX: Open it.
DORIAN: Whatever they took, I think this is it.

Precinct - Meeting room[]

STAHL: The tox lab said they've never seen a drug quite like it. There were snippets of Scarlett's DNA attached to the molecule. It was made specifically for her.
KENNEX: The ultimate designer drug.
MALDONADO: What does it do?
STAHL: It's hard to say. There are some hallucinogenic elements, but also things we just don't understand yet. It targets at least a dozen different neurotransmitter groups.
KENNEX: This is not something the average metal meth head can cook up in their basement.
DORIAN: Definitely not. The chemical layers are 1.5 microns thick and extremely uniform.
LOM: Oh! I know what made this. This pill was printed.
DORIAN: Rudy says that a pharmaceutical grade ChemPrinter was used to make this pill. Based on the pill's structure, it had to be one of three models.
STAHL: ChemPrinters are pricey and highly regulated, they require a license. Let's find the ones in the city.
MALDONADO: Let's go.

Precinct - Bullpen[]

DORIAN: John, a Chemulon-6 ChemPrinter was licensed at a private residence in Grey Harbor, less than three miles from Mendel Academy. The owner is Edgar Wollenberg. He's been dead for seven months. But his son Julian was expelled from Mendel last year.


DORIAN: The Chemulon-6 has a very interesting safety feature: it automatically backs up a history of every drug it prints to a cloud. I've found the DNA of all of our victims in the log, this is definitely the machine that supplied them with the drug.

[Kennex has a flashback]

DORIAN: John. Are you listening to me? Did you just have another flash? Maybe I should drive?
KENNEX: No, no, I'm good. I've got it under control. Go on.
DORIAN: Lila Hoving only took one dose, one time the night she died. Scarlett and Elinor had been taking the drug a while.
KENNEX: How long?
DORIAN: Roughly a year. But their fatal doses were a thousand times stronger than their previous ones. It looks as if this dealer intentionally overdosed them.

[Kennex has a flashback]

WORKER} Watch out!

[Cruiser crashes]

DORIAN: Yeah. You've got it totally under control.

Wollenberg House[]

KENNEX: It doesn't look that bad.
DORIAN: I'm sorry, could you speak up, please?
JULIAN: I bet that's an interesting story.
KENNEX: Detective Kennex.
JULIAN: Julian Wollenberg.
KENNEX: We have some questions we'd like you to answer.
DORIAN: We have permission to search the house.
JULIAN: These are, uh, police officers, Ma. They are here to ask me some questions, but don't worry. They chromed me late. The machine's downstairs. My father got it to make his own pills, his own, uh, drug regimen. At the end, his doctors were trying all sorts of different treatment avenues.
KENNEX: How long have you been dealing? We found the DNA profile of the girls who died on the backup log of your ChemPrinter, along with every customer you ever printed a pill for. Bet you didn't know it had that feature. So when did you--
JULIAN: You don't believe me. Now you know why I didn't come forward.
KENNEX: Come again?
JULIAN: You don't believe me. Now you know why I didn't come forward.
KENNEX: I didn't ask you why you didn't come forward.
JULIAN: Not yet. This conversation happened already. Can't you see them? Our words? They're all here. Your answers, are in the air.
KENNEX: So there's no point in us having this conversation, right?
DORIAN: You're on the drug right now.
KENNEX: Well, we're gonna have this conversation anyway. What does the drug do?
JULIAN: It's called Vero. It expands the mind, it opens it up to things that are in the universe that we are not supposed to see. It enables you to realize your full potential. The next Einstein, or Macgregor.
KENNEX: Scarlett and Elinor were deliberately O.D.'d. Did you kill them?
JULIAN: No. I didn't. If I was gonna kill someone, I wouldn't get caught. Certainly not with the machine in my own house.
KENNEX: Unless that's exactly what you wanted us to think. Committing a crime so carelessly that we'd assume it wasn't you. How could some one so smart, be so dumb?
JULIAN: That'd be smarter, I guess.
KENNEX: And you knew the machine had a backup, so it was pointless getting rid of it.
JULIAN: So many roads.
KENNEX: Is that how she drowned? Did you kill her? Was it unintentional?
JULIAN: You wouldn't understand.
KENNEX: Yeah, I've heard that a lot lately. Did the other girls find out? They were gonna rat, so you O.D.'d them to shut them up?
JULIAN: I'm trying to tell you, the Chemulon printer was hacked. Somebody messed with the doses.
KENNEX: Hacked?
JULIAN: Mm-hmm.
KENNEX: So you're telling us that you didn't kill these girls even though your machine made the drugs? That their deaths had nothing to do with Lila Hoving? And you got hacked? I don't believe you.

[Julian nods]

KENNEX: I don't believe you.
JULIAN: Now you understand, why I didn't come forward.

Act 4[]

Wollenberg House - outside[]

KENNEX: There was a kid we interviewed today at Mendel named Marshall, studies advanced computer science. Same class as all three girls.
DORIAN: So if there is a hacker, you're thinking it'd be him. Let's look closer at him.
KENNEX: Julian, you know a kid named Marshall?
JULIAN: Everybody knows Marshall.
KENNEX: Yeah? What do you know about him?

[Kennex receives a text from Maldonado "I need to talk to you after shift"]

KENNEX: D, you drive. Can't be any worse than me blacking out.

Precinct - Bullpen

STAHL: You got something? Ugh, not that kid again.
KENNEX: Julian said his ChemPrinter was hacked. Is it bad I want it to be him no matter what?
STAHL: What about motive?
KENNEX: No, not yet.
STAHL: All right, put that on hold for a second. I think I have something better. I've been looking for communication between the kids around the time of Lila's death. Nothing really popped up, but then I found this. It's an exchange between Scarlett and her father. It's a couple of weeks after Lila's death. That's the last transmission, 'till she died.
KENNEX: He reached out to her several times after that, but she never responded.
STAHL: Yeah, they talked all the time, and then all of a sudden, they didn't. It'd have to be a very good reason for a daughter to write off her father. So what'd he "take care of" to get her so upset?
KENNEX: Good question. Let's ask him.


MALDONADO: Hey. I took the liberty of ordering.
KENNEX: Oh, thanks. Cheers.
MALDONADO: Mm-hmm. So, how you feeling?
KENNEX: You sound like Dorian.
MALDONADO: Are you using alternative therapies to help you remember things? Because you seem a little unsteady to me.
KENNEX: Unsteady?
MALDONADO: Tell me what's going on.
KENNEX: I'm remembering some things. Things before the ambush.
MALDONADO: They said this would happen. You should let it happen naturally. This is dangerous, John. What are you remembering?
KENNEX: Things about Anna, but nothing significant yet.
MALDONADO: You need to focus on the successes you've just had. That's how you rebuild. You saved the precinct the first week you were back.
KENNEX: It doesn't make up for who we lost.
MALDONADO: Those were my men, too. You're not the only one who's responsible.
KENNEX: I let her in. She has answers. Now that this is all coming back to me, I'm consumed by it.
MALDONADO: Look, John, I know you are. And I care enough about you to tell you the truth. If you obsess about revenge, it'll take you down. Now that you are remembering things, we're gonna have to talk to Internal Affairs again.

Koln Avenue District - The Recollectionist's[]

RECOLLECTIONIST: I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow. You've been here five days straight. Give your mind a rest.
KENNEX: You're a recollectionist, so let's recollect. I want to get in the chair, tonight.

Act 5[]


ANNA: I've got something for you. I hope you like it. It's kind of silly. I got something...for you. I got something for you. It's just something small. I just saw it and I thought of you.

Koln Avenue District - The Recollectionist's[]

RECOLLECTIONIST: So, what did you see?

John Kennex's apartment

[Kennex finds the Matroyshka doll and checks his notes about Anna Moore]

Precinct - CSI Lab[]

KENNEX: McGinnis
KENNEX: I need you to check something out. It's got to do with the inSyndicate ambush.
McGINNIS: [at the same time as Kennex] the inSyndicate ambush.
KENNEX: Yeah. I need you to run these for DNA, tech, fingerprints. Anything we can trace back to a suspect.
McGINNIS: And you want it off the books like the others?
KENNEX: It's important.
McGINNIS: I'm sure it is, Detective, and I want to help you. I've been helping you, but I would also like to keep my job. And I can't keep logging overtime on an unspecified case.
KENNEX: Look, I'll sign off on it myself.
McGINNIS: If I get any heat for this, I'm saying you threatened me.
KENNEX: You're in luck. They'll believe that. You're the best.
McGINNIS: Yup, tell a friend.

Davis House[]

HARVEY: Do I need an attorney?
KENNEX: That's your prerogative.
HARVEY: Just a moment, please.
CORELLA: Hey, Harvey, I'm just in a meeting.
HARVEY: You've got to be here. I'm with the police.
CORELLA: Christopher Corella. I represent Mr. Davis. May I see your credentials? Thank you. What's this about?
HARVEY: It's about Scarlett's overdose.
DORIAN: We're just gonna ask a few questions.
KENNEX: You sent a message to your daughter, saying you "took care of it." What did you take care of, Mr. Davis?
CORELLA: Don't answer that.
KENNEX: Did you kill Lila Hoving?
HARVEY: What? No.
CORELLA: I would remind you, Detective, my client is grieving. This is grounds for harassment.
DORIAN: It is not harassment. We're questioning your client in relation to a triple homicide.
HARVEY: Homicide?
CORELLA: What do you mean, homicide?
KENNEX: Scarlett didn't die from an accidental overdose, Mr. Davis. We have evidence that someone deliberately spiked the doses meant for Scarlett and Elinor.
HARVEY: Are you sure?
DORIAN: Positive.
KENNEX: You had a problem with your daughter. You weren't talking at the time she died. Something you did upset her. What did you do, Mr. Davis?
CORELLA: Harvey, I suggest that we discuss this in private, and when we're ready, we'll get back to the detectives.

[Harvey terminates the call with Corella]

HARVEY: Scarlett was with Lila that night, yes. Elinor, too. They took the drugs together. But when the girls went back to the school, Lila stayed behind.
DORIAN: Why not just say that?
HARVEY: Scarlett wanted to, but I wouldn't let her. There was nothing anyone could do to bring that girl back. I did not want my daughter's life ruined. What happened wasn't her fault. Why should it follow her around?
KENNEX: The recordings of the girls talking? Do you have anything to do with that?
HARVEY: I heard Mrs. Hoving hired a private investigator. I paid money to make him and the evidence disappear.
DORIAN: So, you "took care of it."
HARVEY: I was trying to protect her.
KENNEX: But she didn't want your protection, did she?
HARVEY: No. She was always very honest. You know, she said I'd pay for it. That we all would. And now we have. All of us.
KENNEX: Your daughter?
HARVEY: No, Mrs. Hoving.

Davis House - outside[]

DORIAN: It's incriminating that Mrs. Hoving never told us she contacted any of the parents.
KENNEX: Yeah, and when she told us the recordings were erased, she acted like she had no idea who did it. [Phone rings] Kennex.
PAUL: I got something from Julian's bedroom. Found another one of those vials, hidden behind a picture of Lila. This one opened with Julian's DNA.
KENNEX: Yeah? What was in it?
PAUL: Well, it's more than a pill.

Precinct - Interview Room 600E

KENNEX: This image stick is encrypted. You want to tell us what's on it?
JULIAN: Not really.
KENNEX: Here's a theory. Ms. Hoving discovered that you were selling drugs to everybody, including her daughter. So she threatened to tell the cops unless you were willing to do what she wanted. Give lethal doses to those two girls.
DORIAN: This thing's locked up pretty good, must be important to you. Is it an insurance policy? Did you record her threatening you?
KENNEX: You're a minor. We can cut you a deal, call it coercion. What's on the stick, Julian?
JULIAN: It's the last thing that Lila ever said to me.

Act 6[]

Precinct - Interview Room 600E[]

JULIAN: She was special. Such a good person. She was under so much pressure.
DORIAN: What kind of pressure?
JULIAN: All her mother's hopes and dreams, that weighed on her. Nothing was ever good enough. Her mom rode her so hard. She didn't know how to manage it all. She always felt she wasn't good enough. But I loved her. I just wanted her to be her. When you're surrounded by perfect things, you learn to appreciate the beauty in flaws. I could never get her to believe that. I didn't want her to take Vero. It's the only thing we ever fought about.
KENNEX: What happened?
JULIAN: The drug opens up a world of possibilities for chromes. But for naturals? Well, I'll let her tell you.
LILA: [recorded] I know you said I shouldn't take it. But I did. Out of all the people in the world, Julian, I love you. And I want you to understand. I see now why I shouldn't have done it. Taken the drug. I'm limited. I'm not good enough. I'll never get to where I need to be, it's true. And I can see that now, that's why you didn't want me to take it. You see something in me that isn't there...

Mrs Hoving's House[]

LILA: [recorded] Like my mother. She sees it, too. And what you think you see will never be there. There's no way you can feel what I'm feeling because you're not born that way. You're my best friend. You're going to do amazing things, Julian.
JULIAN: [recorded] Lila? Lila?
KENNEX: The drug didn't kill your daughter.
MRS HOVING: That's not true. You heard her. She saw things she wasn't supposed to see. And that drug helped her do it.
KENNEX: Mrs. Hoving? Did you hire the hacker to up the doses of those two girls?
MRS HOVING: They acted like she didn't count. Like she was nothing. I tried to do it the right way. They destroyed evidence. They didn't care what I was going through. Their money and influence took my justice and I wanted them to feel what I felt. They don't know what it's like. The rage. It overtakes you. The fury. You try to let it go. I prayed for it. But it consumes you. That's all there is. There's no peace. There's just noise. Like static, constant and loud. You can't eat, you can't sleep. You can't look at other people's children. You f--feel like your insides are on f--fire. You stop living. She was just as good as any chrome.

Precinct - Bullpen[]

DORIAN: That is Officer Reynolds, from Internal Affairs.
KENNEX: I'll be right back.

Precinct - Interview Room[]

REYNOLDS: How long have you been getting these flashes?
KENNEX: About a week.
REYNOLDS: When you first met Anna Moore, did she approach you or did you approach her?
KENNEX: She approached me, like I said in my report.
REYNOLDS: Mm-hmm. Right, she rear-ended your personal vehicle on your way home, obviously a setup.
KENNEX: It wasn't obvious at the time. People meet each other in all kinds of different ways.
REYNOLDS: Were you in a relationship at the time?
KENNEX: What's that got to do with anything?
REYNOLDS: Did you check her out? New girl coming out of nowhere? What cop wouldn't, right?
KENNEX: Of course I checked her out. I did a full background. She was clean.
REYNOLDS: Mm-hmm. You and Anna were moving along pretty quickly, huh?
REYNOLDS: Would you consider yourself a romantic?
KENNEX: What are you saying?
REYNOLDS: Just through events and fate that maybe someday you might meet the person that you're supposed to be with. Because if that's the way you look at things, then maybe that type of thinking might've prevented you from seeing something you might not have seen if you didn't want it to happen so badly. She infiltrated you. Gave inSyndicate precinct files. And there were consequences.
KENNEX: Look, I did everything by the book. I don't know how she got my files.
REYNOLDS: I know, of course you did. I mean, it says right here. You wrote it down. You were in a coma, hmm? You have trouble remembering things. Isn't it possible that maybe you forgot to follow protocol and now you just can't remember?
KENNEX: You mean, conveniently can't remember.
REYNOLDS: I don't know. Look at your file though. You sure you don't remember anything else?
KENNEX: We're done.

John Kennex's apartment[]

[Kennex has another flashback and deletes all this notes on Anna Moore. Then he gets an incoming call]

McGINNIS: Hey, Detective, we found something.
KENNEX: What've you got?
McGINNIS: The department did a high-level sweep of your place before you were reinstated, but we missed this. The doll is a listening device. Within the pigment of the doll is nano-circuitry. It's a radio transmitter. Someone's been listening to you. The last upload was seven hours ago.

End of Episode