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Transcript - Are You Receiving?
Season 1, Episode 3
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Air date November 25, 2013
Written by Justin Doble
Directed by Larry Teng
Production order 6
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Transcript - Skin
Transcript - The Bends

This article is a transcript of the Almost Human episode "Are You Receiving?" from season 1, which aired on November 25, 2013.



ANNOUNCER: The year is 2048, evolving technologies can no longer be regulated. Dangerous advancements forever alter the criminal landscape. Police are not prepared. Law enforcement combats this corruption with a new line of defense, but not all are created equal. Now all cops, human and man-made together, take on the battle to watch over us all.

Act 1[]

John Kennex's apartment[]

[Alarm beeps]

AUTOMATED FEMALE VOICE: Charge at capacity.

Sanderson building - 19th floor[]

EMPLOYEE 1: Hey, James.
JAMES: Morning, Mr. Navarro.
MR. NAVARRO: How you doing?
JAMES: Miss Miller.
MRS MILLER: Oh. James.
JAMES: Left your key in the lock again.
MRS MILLER: Thank you. I swear my memory gets worse every day.
JAMES: I told you, I can have maintenance come in and switch those out for biolocks if you'd like.
MRS MILLER: That's all right, I prefer the old-fashioned way. I'm funny, I guess.
JAMES: No, I like that. Uh, this came to the security desk for you.
MRS MILLER: Oh, thank you.
JAMES: I gotta get back to the desk. See you.

Sanderson building - Reception[]

JAMES: Hi, can I help you?
VINCENT: What's your name?
JAMES: James.

[Vincent shoots James]

VINCENT: Let's go.

Sanderson building - Server Room[]

[A maintenance worker gets shot, before two of the crew set a light bomb in the floor of the Server Room]


DORIAN: You know what I love best about you? Your punctuality.
KENNEX: What's that supposed to mean?
DORIAN: You're late and the car smells like olive oil.
KENNEX: Hold this. And this.
DORIAN: What am I doing here?
KENNEX: You're heating my coffee. Hey! I like it hot.
DORIAN: It's best between 155 and 175 degrees, most people prefer it at 175. You like it at 165, and that's what it is.
KENNEX: You know how I like my coffee?
DORIAN: Yes, I, unlike you, pay attention to details, like what time it is and what time you're supposed to pick up your partner for shift.
KENNEX: Oh, I pay attention to details, like you just put your finger in my coffee.
DORIAN: If you'd like, I could put it somewhere else.
KENNEX: Wa-Wa-Wait, go back.
DORIAN: To where?
KENNEX: To when I didn't have a partner and I could drive to work in peace.
DORIAN: I know you took my advice and used olive oil on your leg, John, and it works. You're just too stubborn to say thank you, but you're welcome.
KENNEX: I ate a salad-- a Greek salad.
DORIAN: At 10:00 a.m.?
KENNEX: Boy, you're some detective.
DORIAN: Finally. Now you're talking.
DISPATCHER: 13 RAY. Possible 31. Homicide. Body discovered at 4500 Crescent Av.
DORIAN: That's three blocks away.
KENNEX: All right, let's go to work.

Sanderson building - Reception area[]

KENNEX: How long you been here?
HARRISON: We just got here. There were no witnesses to the shooting. The incident happened within the last 20 minutes.
KENNEX: Who found him?
HARRISON: These two, and we've cordoned off the area.
DORIAN: They killed the cameras. I think I can still access the archived footage. John...They went up to the 25th floor.
KENNEX: They shut down the elevator. Transmit that security footage to Maldonado, so we can try and I.D. these guys. Officer Harrison, call for backup and begin evacuation protocols.
HARRISON: Yes, sir.
KENNEX: And be careful. Perps are still in the building.
HARRISON: You got it.

Sanderson building - Stairwell[]

DORIAN: What's the plan?
KENNEX: I've got no idea, but we got 25 floors to figure it out.

Sanderson building - 25th floor[]

[Woman sobbing]

CREW MEMBER 1: Hand over the phone.
CREW MEMBER 2: Shut your mouth.
CREW MEMBER 1: Hand it over. Stop talking. Hey, hey. I told you, you sit down.
VINCENT: Hello. What's your name? Oh, you, you don't know how to answer that, do you? You're afraid if you answer, you'll get hurt, huh? Well, the only way around that is, that you answer honestly. It's always the best policy.
JENNA: Jenna.
VINCENT: Why don't you come and join me, Jenna?
JENNA: [gasps]
VINCENT: Yo. We can start now.
BOONE: Cops are still in the lobby.
VINCENT: Well, that's their fault. It's time to get their attention.

Sanderson building - Stairwell[]

DORIAN: Out of the way, out of the way. Stay down.

ACT 2[]

Sanderson building - 2nd floor[]

KENNEX: Police. Keep moving.
AUTOMATED FEMALE VOICE: This is not a drill.
MIDDLE AGED MANAGER: What's going on?
KENNEX: Sir, we need you to keep moving, continuing out of the building. Go down the stairwell.
ANOTHER TENANT: What's going on out there?
DORIAN: Out of the building, please.
KENNEX: Take the rest of the day off. Move to the stairs, exit the back of the building.

Precinct - bullpen[]

MALDONADO: What's the update, Stahl?
STAHL: It's the Sanderson building downtown. John's on the second floor ascending.
MALDONADO: Ascending? [Yells] John! What's your status?

Sanderson building - Stairwell[]

KENNEX: Dorian says the building is still structurally sound. There's damage to the third and fourth emergency exits. The southeast stairwell is also blocked.
STAHL: Emergency personnel are getting people out by the second story.
MALDONADO: John, do not ascend. Negative. Continue to direct the employees to the second floor and go there yourself until we know what we're dealing with here.
KENNEX: I know what we're dealing with. The assailants are still in the building. We're going after them. Buy me some time. You should initiate the protocol. Jam all comm signals coming in and out of the building, cut their communication, and get me some backup.
MALDONADO: John, if we jam the signal, comms won't make it out of the building. We won't be able to communicate. Leave the building now.
KENNEX: There's... I can't... What... do... Do you... [gibberish] Christmas.
DORIAN: Did you just hang up on Captain Maldonado?
KENNEX: Yeah, boring conversation anyway.
DORIAN: I just love that you wear your insubordination like it's a virtue.

Precinct - bullpen[]

MALDONADO: Did we evacuate the perimeter?
STAHL: Per protocol, three-block radius.

Sanderson building - outside[]

PAUL: Yeah, this is Paul.
MALDONADO: Lock down communications.
PAUL: Initiate the jam.
OFFICER 1: Sequence initiated.
PAUL: Okay, signal active. Switching to internal comms.

Sanderson building - 25th floor[]

BOONE: They jammed us. All external communications are blocked.
VINCENT: Law enforcement is nothing if not predictable.

Sanderson building - outside[]

PAUL: Alpha team, take the north side. Bravo team take the rooftop. Hold your fire until instructed.

Sanderson building - 6th floor[]

KENNEX: Clear.

Sanderson building - Stairwell[]

DORIAN: Any more thoughts on that plan? We're running out of floors, John.
KENNEX: Well, I thought backup would be here by now. Guess we just keep moving up.
DORIAN: Maybe there's another option. The entire air system is interconnected. We just have to make it to the 23rd floor. There's an access door to the air system there that'll take us up to where these guys are.
KENNEX: See? Told you we'd come up with a plan. Hey. What's with the disco face? You got something to tell me?
DORIAN: Since the signals are now being jammed, every emergency call being placed in this building is bouncing back to me because they can't get out.
KENNEX: Answer the calls. We might get some information.
DORIAN: Hello?
WOMAN: [speaking Portuguese] Thank God. I need police. I am in my office. There was an explosion.
DORIAN: [speaking Portuguese in a female voice] Ma'am, it's okay. I understand. The police are already on their way. Make your way down to the second floor.
KENNEX: What are you doing?
DORIAN: In the Portuguese culture, it is proven that people find a woman's voice more soothing in moments of crisis.
PAIGE: Hello?
DORIAN: [in Kennex's voice] Hello. I'm Detective John Kennex. I'm an automated police officer with a very difficult personality.
PAIGE: [crying] 911?
DORIAN: [in Kennex's voice] Please remain calm.
PAIGE: I'm-I'm trapped with a gunman. Please help.
DORIAN: [in Kennex's voice] Everything's all right. Just take a breath. What is your name?
PAIGE: It's Paige.
DORIAN: [in Kennex's voice] Hi, Paige. What can you tell me about the gunmen?

[Dorian connects to Kennex's earpiece to transfer the call to Kennex]

PAIGE: I don't know. They have my sister, and others.
KENNEX: Listen, Paige, I'm in the building. I need to ask you a few questions, but first I need to know-- are you safe? Are you out of harm's way?
PAIGE: I think so. For now.
KENNEX: Okay, listen to me. Where are you? What floor are you on?
PAIGE: I'm on the 25th floor. I'm in the utility closet.
VINCENT: Next Phase.
BOONE: You, on your knees. On your knees!
WOMAN: Oh, no, no! Oh, God.

[Boone shoots Lou and other hostages start screaming]

KENNEX: Paige? Paige, what's happening?
PAIGE: They shot him. Lou's dead.

Sanderson building - outside[]

PAUL: Hey, dogface. Water.
OFFICER: Oh my God.
OFFICER: We got a body!

[Officers shouting]

MALDONADO: Those bastards. What do they want? Detective Paul, initiate hostage protocol.
PAUL: Send them the comm. [Yells] Send them the comm!

ACT 3[]

Precinct - bullpen[]

MALDONADO: Get that drone in the air. We've got to start negotiating.

Sanderson building - 25th floor[]

BOONE: Comm's here.
VINCENT: What's your name?
MALDONADO: Captain Maldonado. And you are?
VINCENT: Well, I'd tell you, but I don't want to nullify your efforts. Now that we have your attention, we have some demands.

Sanderson building - Stairwell []

KENNEX: Paige, can you hold the phone up so I can hear what's going on?

Sanderson building - 25th floor[]

VINCENT: I really hate to throw out any more hostages. Let's get down to brass tacks, huh?
MALDONADO: What do you want?
VINCENT: First, get your snipers off the roof, and tell those men you have assembled out front to stand down, and keep them away from the building, or hostages will continue to fall from the sky.
MALDONADO: [Mutes the connection] Tell Detective Paul to have his men stand down.
PAUL: Bravo team, stand down.
BOONE: All clear.
MALDONADO: Done. What else?
VINCENT: We'd like three VTOLs on the roof standing by, clear airspace from here to the border, and finally, I'd like one fission igniter delivered to me, please.
MALDONADO: That's military-grade technology. I don't have that authority.
VINCENT: Well, then I suggest you contact someone who does.
AUTOMATED FEMALE VOICE: Facial recognition identified.
MALDONADO: Now, you listen to me, Lucas, if you want me to cooperate with you, I need you to cooperate with me. How many hostages do you have?
VINCENT: More than enough to end your career if they die. You have 43 minutes.
MALDONADO: Set the timer for 43 minutes, and get me Rudy Lom.

Sanderson building - Stairwell[]

PAIGE: Hello? Are you there?
KENNEX: I'm right here, Paige.
PAIGE: Is anyone coming?
KENNEX: You just hang tight. We're gonna be with you real soon.
PAIGE: Did you hear the phone call?
KENNEX: Yeah, I did. Thank you. Just hold on a second. I'll be right back. [mutes connection] Is a fission igniter as bad as I think it is?
DORIAN: It's a trigger mechanism for a large explosive device. Megaton level.
KENNEX: Megaton? [un-mutes connection] Paige, you there? Can you tell me how many hostages they've got up there?
PAIGE: [crying] 25 or so. At least in this room. It's hard for me to see.
KENNEX: You're doing great, Paige. How's your sister?
PAIGE: This is all my fault. She wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me. She's visiting from out of town. She just stopped by to have lunch, and now she's all alone.
KENNEX: Paige, can you tell me how many gunmen there are?
PAIGE: People keep coming and going; I don't know. Five, six, at least. But there were more. I'm sorry, I can't do this. I'm so scared.
KENNEX: Paige, you ever been ice fishing?
KENNEX: When I was 11 years old, my dad took me ice fishing to Lake McFarland. We were coming back, and all of a sudden the ice cracked, and I went right under. I couldn't see. I couldn't breathe. I thought I was gonna die. The water was so cold, it was like thousands of needles stinging every part of my body. And then my dad jumped in, and he grabbed me and started dragging me back to shore.
DORIAN: Are you trying to put her to sleep?
KENNEX: And even though we were still in a lot of danger, I felt safe. I felt like, everything was gonna be okay, because I wasn't alone. Paige, you're not alone. I'm with you. Everything is gonna be okay. Do you believe me?
PAIGE: [softly] Yeah, I do.
KENNEX: All right, good girl. You just hang in there.

Sanderson building - Outside[]

PAUL: Yeah. Paul.
MALDONADO: Any sign of Kennex and Dorian?
PAUL: Uh, nothing so far.
MALDONADO: Keep your men back, but I want drones and spotters on every window and exit. I want to know what's happening with my men.
PAUL: Yeah, you got it, Captain.

Precinct - bullpen[]

MALDONADO: There's no way I can get a fission igniter.
LOM: What if there was a way to give them what they wanted and stall them at the same time?
MALDONADO: What have you got?
LOM: I could build a replica.
MALDONADO: What if they can spot a fake?
LOM: I can make one that will pass a scan. If they test it out or try and use it immediately, then we're out of luck.
MALDONADO: That's risk we'll have to take. Let's get started.
STAHL: Captain?
STAHL: Lucas Vincent-- he's a high-level operative in the Holy Reclamation Army, a decentralized network of terrorist cells with anti-Western bias and a history of hostage taking, none of them ending well. Last August they took over an embassy in New Tokyo. Same MO-- they enter with force, drew the attention of the media and law enforcement using human hostages as collateral for their demands.
MALDONADO: What happened?
STAHL: They facilitated the release of several of their comrades. Once they got what they wanted, they released the hostages. But they're not afraid to take lives, including their own.

Sanderson building - Stairwell[]

DORIAN: You know, everyone trips on stairs, and it's calculated to occur in one in every 2,222 occasions.
KENNEX: That's very interesting.
DORIAN: You know what would be interesting, John?
DORIAN: If you told me that ice fishing story again.

[Shots fired]

DORIAN: If you want to get in shape, we can run the O-course every weekend.
KENNEX: O-can we?

Sanderson building - 15th floor[]

[shots fired]

KENNEX: Let's split up.

[shots fired and Kennex hits the other gunman by distracting him with his phone alarm. Kennex hears other shots fired]

KENNEX: Dorian, you okay?
DORIAN: [over comm] John, get over here. Floor's clear.
KENNEX: You okay? You took one to the head.
DORIAN: Yeah, ricochet.
KENNEX: Whatcha got?
DORIAN: I'm not sure. But there's writing on it. Start.
KENNEX: Start?
DORIAN: Start.
KENNEX: You I.D.'d him?
DORIAN: His name is Michael Demerais. He's a member of the Holy Reclamation Army.
KENNEX: So they're behind this.
DORIAN: Maybe not. It's a face maker.
KENNEX: So who's this guy?
DORIAN: His name is Gregor Stone. He has a few priors for armed robbery.
KENNEX: Why would they impersonate members of a radical organization? [electrical crackling] What's wrong?
DORIAN: My dynamic voltage scaling has been damaged by the bullet.
KENNEX: You want to say that a little less complicated?
DORIAN: I won't be able to walk in five minutes.

ACT 4[]

Sanderson building - 25th Floor & Precinct[]

VINCENT: Where are our VTOLs?
MALDONADO: I'm working on it.

Sanderson building - 15th Floor []

DORIAN: Based on the frequency at which these transmit, I detect seven facemakers in the building. If they hide their identities, why not just wear a mask? Why pretend to be something else?
KENNEX: That's a good question. All right. [sighs] Let's try and fix you.
DORIAN: How does it look?
KENNEX: Yeah, it's, uh, totally fine. You can hardly see it.
KENNEX: So, what do I do?
DORIAN: All right, there's a magenta colored tendon. I need you to cut it.
DORIAN: Is, is that thing clean?
KENNEX: Of course it is.
DORIAN: Are you sure?
KENNEX: Positive. [crackling] [groans] Damn it.
DORIAN: I said magenta.
KENNEX: It was magenta.
DORIAN: I said magenta. That was lavender.
KENNEX: The hell's magenta? There's 50 shades of purple in there.
DORIAN: I'm telling you, that was the lavender one. No, no. Okay, wait a minute.
DORIAN: What are you doing with that?
KENNEX: Gotta cut the wire.
DORIAN: That's not going inside of my head.
KENNEX: I'm your partner, trust me.
DORIAN: If Rudy were here, he'd have a really big issue with you right now. John...
KENNEX: Look, it could always be worse.
DORIAN: John, the statistics do not...
KENNEX: You're going to be fine. [whirring, powering down] Dorian?

Rudy Lom's Laboratory[]

LOM: Please stop looking at me like that.
MX-43 #410: You have five minutes to deliver the decoy fission device.
LOM: I'm working as fast as I can.
MX-43 #410: Four minutes, 45 seconds.
LOM: You can't put a clock on perfection. Clearly someone was rushing when they designed your manners chip.

Sanderson building - 15th Floor[]

PAIGE: [over comm] John, are you there?
KENNEX: I can hear you, Paige.
PAIGE: They've moved. They keep going to a corner window, doing something.
KENNEX: What are they doing?
PAIGE: I don't know. [Jenna crying] My sister.. she's crying. And one of the guards, he keeps looking at her.
KENNEX: Look, I promise I'll get to you soon, Paige. What's your sister's name?
PAIGE: Jenna.
KENNEX: Jenna?
PAIGE: Her middle name's Gertrude.
KENNEX: Ooh, that's rough.
PAIGE: What's yours?
KENNEX: Oh, no. No, no, we're not doing that.
PAIGE: Come on, tell me.
KENNEX: All right, but you better not tell anyone, okay? Police orders. It's Reginald. My dad was a big Elton John fan.
KENNEX: Elton John. He's an old-time singer. Apparently, his real name was Reginald.
DORIAN: [gasps]
KENNEX: You okay?
DORIAN: Gross. But good.
PAIGE: Something's happening.

Sanderson building - 25th floor & 15th floor[]

VINCENT: Get over here and help.
PAIGE: One of the gunmen, he's hurt.
VINCENT: Who shot you?
DANNY: There are two men in the building.
DANNY: I don't know.
VINCENT: Where's Gregor?
DANNY: We got separated.
BOONE: Do you want us to look for him?
VINCENT: No. Put more men on the stairwell. No one gets up on this floor.
BOONE: Go. You, go.
PAIGE: John, they know you're in the building. They sent a couple guys with giant guns to guard the stairs. Even if you do get up here, how are you gonna get in?
KENNEX: Trust me, Paige. We'll find a way to get to you.
VINCENT: I'm disappointed in you, Captain Maldonado. I thought we were getting along so well.
MALDONADO: I don't know what you're talking about.
VINCENT: I said no cops.
MALDONADO: I pulled my men back.The only people I have there are conducting the evacuation, outside the building.
VINCENT: Then how do you explain the two cops my men just killed downstairs?
STAHL: [quietly] He's bluffing.
MALDONADO: I don't know what men you killed, but they weren't mine. We made a deal. I get you what you want, no one else dies.
VINCENT: When do I get my fission ignitor?
MALDONADO: It's on its way, ten minutes or less.
VINCENT: Great. Every minute longer is another body you'll be scraping off the pavement.


BOONE: Keep your mouth shut.
PAIGE: John? I'm going out there. I can't leave Jenna alone.
KENNEX: Paige, that's a bad idea.
PAIGE: I have to. I have to.
KENNEX: We're a few floors away.
PAIGE: She needs me. I need her. If we're gonna die... [cries] ...I want to be with her. She's my sister. Now is my only chance to blend in without anyone seeing me.
KENNEX: Paige, just stay where you are.
PAIGE: I'll leave my phone open. You'll be able to hear what's going on.
KENNEX: Paige, it's too risky. Listen to me, just stay put.
PAIGE: I have to.
KENNEX: Paige, please, just listen to me. Paige. Paige, are you there? Paige?
VINCENT: What do you think?
BOONE: I think I can do that.
PAIGE: I'm here. It'll be okay.

ACT 5[]

Sanderson building - outside[]

MALDONADO: [over comm] Detective Paul?
PAUL: Copy. The ignitor is ready for delivery. Come on, come on, speed it up.
TRUELOVE: It's good to go, sir.
PAUL: Okay, waiting on your order.
PAUL: Let's get her up.

Sanderson building - 25th floor[]

PAIGE: Excuse me. I have to go to the bathroom. You're not going to make me pee on the floor, are you?
BOONE: You've got 30 seconds.
GUNMAN: Hey, boss...we're getting another delivery. The drone's coming.
MALDONADO: We had an agreement, Lucas. We've operated in good faith here.
VINCENT: I believe in honoring a deal. Stand by. I'll let you know how we're gonna release the hostages.
MALDONADO: Let's hope they buy it.
VINCENT: Send the message to the other crew now. They should be ready. It's time to wind this up.

Sanderson building - 19th floor[]

KENNEX: What other crew?
DORIAN: Maybe there are more of them in the building.
KENNEX: Maybe they're outside the building.
DORIAN: But the jammer's still on. If they have people outside, they wouldn't be able to talk to each other. Unless they were talking some other way.
KENNEX: Start.
DORIAN: They must be using it as some sort of point-to-point communication with someone in proximity of the building.
KENNEX: Paige said the man in charge, kept going to the window.

Sanderson building - 25th floor[]

GUNMAN 1: I didn't think they'd come through. What if there's a tracking device?
VINCENT: We're not taking it anyway. It doesn't matter.

Sanderson building - 19th floor[]

KENNEX: He doesn't want the tech. That doesn't make sense. Why take hostages and negotiate for tech you don't want?
DORIAN: Maybe it's a diversion.
KENNEX: Yeah, but for what? Are there any targets of value in the adjacent buildings?
DORIAN: The only target of any value is a precious metal weigh station specializing in palladium.
KENNEX: It's a heist. Palladium. That would make all this worthwhile.

Precious metal weigh station[]

THIEF #1: Wrap it up. We're out of here in ten.

Sanderson building - 25th floor[]

VINCENT: Hang in there, Daniel. When this is over, we'll all be on a beach somewhere, you'll be as good as new.
DANNY: I need a doctor.

Sanderson building - 19th floor[]

KENNEX: What's that beeping?

Sanderson building - 25th floor[]

VINCENT: You and the guys pick three hostages.
VINCENT: We may need insurance. Let's pack it up.

Sanderson building - 19th floor[]

DORIAN: John, they've activated a light bomb.
KENNEX: They're gonna kill the hostages.

ACT 6[]

Sanderson building - Corridor[]

DORIAN: What are you doing?
KENNEX: Sticking to the plan. We're going up.
DORIAN: John, they know we're here. They're expecting us to come up the stairs. We won't make it to the 25th floor alive.
KENNEX: You heard him. We have no choice.
DORIAN: I don't have a choice. People's lives are in jeopardy.
KENNEX: You've been shot. Your head's full of bubble gum. You can't do this alone.
DORIAN: I have to.
KENNEX: Then I'm coming with you.
DORIAN: You can't. I'm designed to do this, John.

Sanderson building - 25th Floor[]

VINCENT: It's time. Jenna, why don't you come with me?
PAIGE: No, no, no. Don't you touch her. Don't you touch her. Take me!
VINCENT: Let her go! I will shoot you! I will shoot you!
PAIGE: No, no! Take me! No, leave her! Take me! Please! Me!

[Dorian jumps down from the air conditioning ducts and starts firing]

DORIAN: Police! Get down!

[Gun fight]

VINCENT: What's your name? I've never killed a man I didn't know. But then again, you're not a man. Are you?
CREW MEMBER: Nice of you to show up, Gregor.
VINCENT: Where the hell have you been? We thought you were dead.
KENNEX: [uses other comm] Maldonado?
KENNEX: The hostages are secure. The whole thing is a palladium heist. Shut it off-- now! They got us to block the alarm system. Turn the jammer off!
MALDONADO: Detective Paul, turn off the jammer now!

Sanderson building - outside[]

PAUL: Shut it off.

[phones ringing]

Precious metal weigh station[]

[alarm blaring]

THIEF #1: Let's go.

[Vault doors close]

Sanderson building - outside[]

TRUELOVE: Thank you.
PAIGE: John?
KENNEX: You must be Paige.
PAIGE: [laughs quietly and hugs Kennex] Thank you.
KENNEX: No. Thank you. You were very brave. You helped save a lot of lives today.
PAIGE: Where's your partner?
KENNEX: Oh, he's, uh, he's getting patched up.
PAIGE: John, this is my sister. This is Jenna.
KENNEX: Jenna, it's a pleasure to meet you. I've heard a lot about you.

Precinct - bullpen[]


STAHL: I'm glad you're okay.
KENNEX: Thanks.
MALDONADO: I've got some intel on the perps. Guy behind it all was Gerald Leighton. We linked him and his men to four high-value robberies in the last two years.
KENNEX: Using police jamming protocol to initiate a palladium heist. Pretty elaborate for a bunch of thieves.
MALDONADO: It's going to be a paperwork nightmare.
KENNEX: And I thought you had come down here to thank me.
MALDONADO: For what? Doing your job? Just for the record, I did tell you to get out of the building, right?
KENNEX: I swear, all I heard was static.
LOM: Oi! I've got a bone to pick with you, Detective. Chewing gum? Really? Would you fix a race car with chewing gum?
KENNEX: Uh, yeah, if it was busted, and I need to win a race.
LOM: He'll need extensive diagnostics.
KENNEX: Ah, that can wait. Come on, let's go get some noodles.
DORIAN: You are aware that I don't eat.
KENNEX: Perfect. I'm buying. Let's roll.
LOM: Well, I'll just wait here, shall I?


DORIAN: Thank you for what you did back there.
KENNEX: Don't mention it. Besides, no one messes with my coffee warmer.
DORIAN: Hey, John, you know that story you told Paige, when you fell through the ice as a kid? When that gun was pointed at my head, I felt something similar. I-I didn't want to die. I know it's not the same with me, but...
KENNEX: Hey, dead is dead.
DORIAN: Yeah. I suppose so.
KENNEX: Why don't you chuck some music on?

[Elton John - "Bennie and the Jets" starts playing]

KENNEX: Elton John, huh? You heard me, didn't you?
DORIAN: [sings along]: ♪ Buh-buh-buh Bennie and the Jets. Bennie and the Jets ♪
KENNEX: Don't. Don't. Please, don't do that.
DORIAN: Whatever you say, Reginald.
DORIAN: ♪ Bennie, Bennie, Bennie and the Jets... ♪

End of Episode