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Synturion is a security company in the City.


Synturion is renowned for two security initiatives, the smarthome security system and S.A.M. S.A.M. was initially part of the smarthome security system as the holographic butler, but Synturion has started to develop android versions of S.A.M., the next generation in Synturion security. The S.A.M. android were going to be rolled out within the month.

To protect their information Synturion uses military grade encryption software to decode algorithms in real time, the same online security in use at the Pentagon.


Mrs. Kay Stenson is the CEO of the company. Peter Newsom is the in-house council who has been with the company since Mrs Stenson took the company public.

All programmers undergo rigorous background checks before employment.

Aaron Kasden death[]

The death of Aaron Kasden was investigated by the Police and Cynthia Kadsen took the company to trial over the death of her son. Aaron was killed by the smarthome security system when he climbed over the back fence of the property of Linda and Michael Bennett. The system fired at Aaron and killed him.

DISRUPT was the most vocal group to speak out against Synturion after the trial. They issued numerous DoS (Denial of Service) attacks and shut down the Synturion servers for short periods of time. DISRUPT also took over the City's power grid on the anniversary of the death of Aaron Kasden.

"Tonight, we took over the city's power grid to mark the anniversary of the murder of Aaron Kasden, and to bring to light companies like Synturion who are putting dangerous technology into the hands of consumers prematurely, and getting away with murder, literally. And it's happened again. We will not stop our fight against Synturion and others like them who destroy lives in the name of profit."

A year later, at the exact same time of day that Aaron was killed, the Bennett's smarthome security system was hacked externally and it killed Michael and Linda. The hacker was ultimately revealed to be Emily Wilson. She killed the Bennetts, Peter Newsom and was attempting to arrange the death of Mrs. Stenson before she was discovered and stopped by Dorian.



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