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The St. Christopher medallion is an object commonly worn as a pendant by travelers to show devotion and to request blessings. A necklace, with a St. Christopher medallion, has been occasionally seen hanging from the rear view mirror of Detective John Kennex's cruiser. It was a gift from his ex-girlfriend, Anna Moore.

Dorian asked about the St. Christopher medallion during his first ride in the cruiser, but Kennex did not respond. After noting that around 80%, of them are given as gifts, Dorian went through a listing of possible "A" names in an attempt to narrow things down.


The pendant is oval shaped and sterling silver, the image of Saint Christopher is imprinted on the front. The medal has a ring around St. Christopher. And on the medal it reads "Behold St. Christopher And Go Your Way in Safety." On the back of the pedant is an engraved letter "A".


  • Karl Urban has a St. Christopher medallion on a necklace, which includes other charms given to him by his family.


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