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The Police Precinct

The Police Department has been charged to take on the battle to watch over the populace of the City using both human and man-made cops.

Science and Technology have evolved at an uncontrollable pace with unknown drugs and weapons flooding the streets and schools. This contraband is controlled and distributed by violent and faceless criminal organizations. The outcome has been an increase in the crime rate by an astounding 400%. Outnumbered and overwhelmed, the Police Department implemented a new strategy: Every Police Officer is partnered with an advanced, combat-model android.



Detective and Investigation DivisionEdit

Vice SquadEdit

Synthetic Dispatch DivisionEdit

Crime Scene Investigation UnitEdit

Evidence Locker room

Two Five PrecinctEdit

Narcotics DivisionEdit

Internal Affairs (I.A.)Edit

11th PrecinctEdit

Case FilesEdit

The Department requires all officers to provide detailed Case Files on all cases they are assigned to. Files are accessed via the Police Database as electronic and audio options.


Mandatory Synthetic assignmentsEdit

Sometime between 2045 and 2048 it became mandatory for MX-43 models to be partners for all human Police Department officers.

Hostage Situation within a buildingEdit

The Protocol for a Hostage Situation within a building is for a three block radius to be cleared and all incoming and outgoing signals to be jammed. The Detectives and Investigation Division, Delta Section used the Protocol during Case #00C-Q74102.


The Police Department use primarily MX-43 models as the Synthetic cops on the street. The Detectives and Investigation Division, Delta Section, also have a DRN model, Dorian, assigned to partner Detective John Kennex at the request of Captain Sandra Maldonado.

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Awards, Commendations and CitationsEdit

Various Awards, Commendations and Citations can be conferred on members of the Police Department. These include;

  • Police Medal for Heroism
  • Medal for Valor
  • Police Life-Saving Medal
  • Purple Shield
  • Commendation - Integrity
  • Commendation of Exceptional Merit
  • Commendation for Community Service
  • Excellent Police Duty
  • Meritorious Police Duty
  • Marksmanship: Distinguished Expert
  • Marksmanship: Expert
  • Marksmanship: Marksman


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