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Maya Vaughn was one of the eyewitnesses who saw Ethan Avery murder Dr. Liam Fuller.[1]


Maya's parents died in a car accident the week before her 19th Birthday. Maya then chose to undergo the Cerebellux procedure in order to obtain the ability to talk to the spirits of deceased people when in contact with a possession of theirs. When Maya was recovering from the procedure in Hospital, her family home burnt down to the ground and there were no remnants left for her to use to try to contact her deceased parents.[2]

Murder of Dr. Liam Fuller and the trial of Ethan Avery[]

Maya witnessed Ethan Avery murder Dr. Liam Fuller.

Before she could testify that it was Avery who shot Dr. Fuller, one of the Avery clones broke into the room in the safe house she and Haley Myers were being protected in. Haley Myers was testifying from via holoprojection when this occurred and the clone killed Haley Myers and the Bailiff. Maya escaped out the bathroom window and into the nearby wooded area.

She was discovered by Dorian during the large scale police search and brought back to the Police Precinct. During the subsequent interview, she revealed that had undergone the Cerebellux procedure and that Haley Myers had asked her to tell Detective Kennex and Dorian that it was Ethan Avery that killed her, as Maya had Haley's grandmother's scarf in her possession. As Ethan Avery was apparently sitting in court at the exact time of the murder, this comment was treated with strong suspicion by the Police.

Detective Richard Paul was asked to mind Maya while Dorian and Detective Kennex discussed the case with Captain Sandra Maldonado. Maya entertained the local officers by giving them messages from deceased loved ones. Detective Paul asked her to see if she felt anything from a necklace he handed to her. It turned out to be his ex-wife's necklace and she was very much alive, so Maya was unable to give him a message. Haley then contacted Maya and asked her to visit her parents and tell them that she was okay. Maya was able to escape from the Precinct by asking Detective Paul to get her a cup of coffee. Her escape was finally detected and Dorian tracked her using the surveillance camera's around the Precinct. She was walking down Eighth Street.

The Police cruiser driven by Detective Kennex was ambushed by the Avery clones. During the ensuring firefight Maya was hit by a bullet. It cracked her collarbone and missed puncturing her lung by 37 millimeters. She was taken to the hospital while Detective Kennex tracked down the shooters.

The Police Department were able to eventually find the Avery clones and destroy the remaining ones.

Maya testified in court that she witnessed Ethan Avery shot Dr. Liam Fuller three times.

After her testimony Dorian presented her with the evidence box he had had released from the Evidence Locker room. In it contained items recovered from the arson attack on her family home. Maya held a burnt door knob and was able to hear her parents once again.


Memorable Quotes[]

I'm a medium psychic. But on good days, I'm a petite psychic.




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