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The MX PSA (a Public Service Announcement) was a televised promotional for the MX-43 model androids. It is a part of the Almost Human universe.


In an ever changing World our mission remains the same, “To protect and serve”. We are proud to announce the next step in the evolution of safety... the MX-43 Combat model police android. Our MX model comes equipped with a stunning array of features, improving on the DRN models in virtually every way. The MX-43 isn't human, it's beyond human. Look for MX Units protecting our streets in the coming weeks and every human officer partnered with a synthetic partner by 2048.

The future is now. Let's make it safe one.


The single announcement was posted on YouTube by FOX on 31 October 2013 to promote the series premier on 17 November 2013. It is also in connection with the Meet Your MX, promotional site.


  • MX-43 #263 is prominently featured, appearing stoic.
  • A DRN model is seen, appearing upset.

Promotional text[]

  • 24/7 Monitoring of assigned human officer
  • Ability to remote drive
  • All experiences uploaded to centralized memory storage accessible by any MX Unit
  • Built in defibrillator
  • Complete internal crime scene lab analysis
  • Facial recognition database
  • Fire retardant
  • Global position tracking system
  • Instantaneous statistical & probability calculations
  • Instant file downloading
  • Programed with full tactical & weapons training
  • Records continuous stream of hi-definition video
  • The latest in fingerprint mapping decoding system
  • Thermal imagine & Night vision
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane sealant for underwater performance
  • Ultra tough polyabrylamide skin 17-4PH metal core
  • Wireless access to a myriad of networks and databases
  • Operates without Synthetic Soul software
  • Bio-Imaging & Diagnostics
  • Unprecedented strength


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