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The MX-43 series is a battle-ready militarized humanoid android closely resembling male human beings. Though similar in appearance, they do not all look exactly alike. However, they are all programmed to "think" alike and follow orders precisely.


Designed by a competing company of Lumocorp Robotics Corporation as a replacement for the "flawed" DRN series of androids (which includes Dorian), their ability to adapt and "think" for themselves has been replaced by a standardized set of protocols. They do not "feel" or have compassion, and they are incapable of adjusting their protocols situationally. MX-43's intelligence is based on first order predicate calculus. In order to make logic-based, rule oriented decisions, it is designed to feel nothing.[1]

An MX-43's neural net can be accessed via a port on the right side of their face. This allows access to their short term memory.

inSyndicate developed a frequency emitter which caused all the MX-43 units within range to go offline immediately.[2]

Their enhanced durability is... Questionable. While in Blood Brothers, the assassin apparently used Armour Piercing ammunition, which would imply it's necessity for damaging an MX pattern droid, but in Unbound the XRN gunned down several clad in full tactical equipment, with only a few rounds of ammunition. In the meantime, Dorian withstood being impaled through the abdomen by a piece of rebar, and in another episode, remained operational after a sniper bullet through the abdomen.

Awards, Commendations and Citations[]

Numerous (See specific unit designations for individual commendations)[3]

Personnel Notes (For eyes only - Clearance D5 and above)[]

The MX-43 Class Android Unit is a combat-ready synthetic law enforcement solution designed to assist human officers in investigations and dangerous situations. Powered by state-of-the-art logic-based A.I. software, MX-43s are designed to be an officer’s ideal assistant. They can easily parse quantifiable variables, and separate them into relative importance and priority. They will also obey nearly any order they’re given.

Several types of MX-43 are available for departmental deployment, including Standard Issue, Community Service, Tactical Combat, and others.

Capabilities include Vi-Fi2.0 integration with PD Database, wireless comm, C.S.I.-level field lab analysis (admissible), BioMed functionality (including 3DMRI, Level-2 MD Diagnostics, etc.), DeadEye_v3 marksmanship software, advanced ServeProtect protocols, and others. (Specs avail: Attachment MX43_StandardUnit-REF) [4]


Outer Body[]

The outer body of the MX-43 consists of synthetic body parts, composed of silicon and carbon fiber, which results in superior damage Resistance. A top layer of realistic epidermis (aesthetic overlay) provides a genuine look and feel for seamless workplace integration.[5]

Projectile Trajectory[]

Data calculations deliver the destination of any projectile weapon nanoseconds after firing.[6]

Movement Design[]

Trimidium circuits in the spinal column provide advanced motion and flexibility, delivering reliably precise movement execution.[7]

Injury Diagnoses[]

The MX's vision capabilities allow rapid analysis through a broad range of materials, enabling quick response time to internal injuries.[8]

Situational Risks[]

Deliberation-free reaction times drastically decrease the potential of injury or termination.[9]

Data Storage[]

MX units store experiences as data, all uploaded to a centralized memory database on a regular basis. This database is universally accessible to all MX models. This enables all MX models to function not only on their own memories but on countless memories of all the MXs across the city. This memory transfer allows all MX units to make the most statistically sound decisions during all tactical situations.

For example, unit 263 has been through 13 raids and can recall every detail of those raids.[10]

Partner Implementation[]

According to the MX development site, the MX partner implementation program holds unlimited potential for success. Since partnering trials began, collective drops in field operation failure have reached an all time low.[11]

Memorable Quotes[]

"MX units are logic-based, and rule oriented. They have no true free will, and they are designed to feel nothing. I'm not like them."

Dorian to John Kennex (Pilot)

Season 1[]

MX-43 units in order of appearance. A strike-through indicates the unit was destroyed.

888 793 715 340 627 700 785 977 140 199
108 657 531 851 977 115 302 650 428
199 381 851 115 531 927 297
Are You Receiving?
176 283 410 297 199 381 531
The Bends
115 283 361 472 851 297 977 176 43? 707
Blood Brothers
108 700 954 402 381 115
? 851 46? 115 381 176 824
Simon Says
588 646 954 700 297
You Are Here
199 297 302 172 176 115 927 19? 531



  • Despite supposedly being more durable, they usually are quite flimsy, a few rounds incapacitating them, and in the XRN fight, they were gunned down in moments.
  • The MX units apparently operate on a different frequency than DRNs, which becomes important after some sort of EMP attack inactivates all of them while leaving Dorian operational. However, this is likely a plot device, and technobabble.
  • MX units are essentially treated as highly replaceable devices, albeit expensive, as Maldonado treats the destruction of one by Kennex and his sidearm mostly as a negligent discharge in public and a waste of money, and the throwing out of his MX partner onto a highway to be relatively forgettable.
  • MX units, differing from DRNs, have no genitals and are similar to "a Ken doll" in that respect. This is apparently highly disconcerting.



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