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inSyndicate is a highly dangerous and heavily armed criminal organization specializing in the theft of high-grade biotech and nanorg-tech, organ trafficking, DNA theft, and illegal weapons possession & trafficking. Evidence suggest Insyndicate re-engineers the biotech and nanorg-tech material for weaponization.

Estimates place inSyndicate membership at 30 "core" members, with dozens of affiliate members. Insyndicate members often wear ghoulish white masks during criminal runs. inSyndicate members are prime suspects in the murders of at least four dozen civilians and 14 police officers. They also target Police Department property, such as MX-43 units and Watch-Drones.[1] [2] [3]

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Tattoo on the back of Reinhardt's neck

Some inSyndicate members have a distinctive tattoo on the back of their neck.

Known Attacks[]

inSyndicate were responsible for the ambush of the Police raid, led by John Kennex, on one of their locations.

The attack on the Omni truck where single strand synthetics i.e. programmable DNA was taken, along with acid, benthamidium, karonel and myklon red, was an Insyndicate operation.

The kidnapping of Pete Vogel and subsequent murder.

The incursion at the Police Precinct, with the MX-43s going offline and the attempted break-in to the Evidence room.

Known Members[]

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