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The Holy Reclamation Army is terrorist organization. The Army was used as a distraction technique on the Police Department by Gerald Leighton, posing as Lucas Vincent, a member of the Army, during the Sanderson Corporation hostage situation.

Report on the Police Database Profile: The Holy Reclamation Army[]

The Holy Reclamation Army are a decentralized network of terrorist cells originating from the Central Decisions Region. Details about the Holy Reclamation Army are loose as there is at this time very little corroborated intel on this group. The decentralized nature of the Holy Reclamation Army and Asymmetrical hierarchy means infiltration and elimination of leaders does very little to slow the progress of this group.

The Holy Reclamation Army have a strong anti-western bias thought to originate from resentment generation from previous power decisions over the past 60 years in the Central Decisions Region.

A common tactic of the Holy Reclamation Army is hostage taking. The Holy Reclamation Army have on numerous occasions taken hostages for protection, bargaining and leverage. On almost every occasion of hostage taking. The situation resulted in violence and the deaths of some if not all captives.[1]

Report: New Tokyo Embassy Siege[]

In June last year the Holy Reclamation Army infiltrated and took over the US Embassy in New Tokyo.

The Holy Reclamation Army gained access to the inner courtyard area within the security wall by posing as delivery men. Once inside the compound their crew concealed weapons and stormed the embassy, quickly taking charge of the area. Hostages were taken including Embassy staff, civilians, security personnel as well as the Ambassador himself. The media were immediately contacted by the Holy Reclamation Army and they made their demands to the authorities via the media. The hostages were kept as collateral.

Detective Stahl reported that their demands were the release of several of their comrades. Once this occurred they released the hostages, but they are not afraid to take lives, including their own.[2]



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