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2014-03-31 122729 alhu s1e5 holotech

Hologram of Haley Myers manifesting

2014-03-31 233021 alhu s1e5 holotech

Hologram of Haley Myers completed

Holographic Technology is the ability to project an image or 'hologram' of a person or object in real time to another location. It is used throughout the series in many ways.


The technology has been utilized by the court system to allow protective witnesses to testify from safe house locations. Captain Sandra Maldonado also used the technology to initially fool the Avery clones into thinking that Ethan Avery was being used in an exchange for Detective Valerie Stahl. A series of holo-projecters were used on the ceiling of the corridor in the County Jail.[1]

Banks have started using holo-tellers in ATM kiosks.[2][3]

Holographic diagnostic avatars were in use at St. Mary’s Hospital emergency department.[4]

The holographic butler, S.A.M., is an avatar for Synturion Smart Houses. Nico Galasso, a hacker, was able to confuse the android version of S.A.M. by projecting Detective John Kennex as multiple targets. [5]

Lawyers are able to make 'house calls' to their clients via an initial mobile phone link.[6]




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