FOX26 Newscast is a news broadcast set within the Almost Human universe.


“More DRN Drama”Edit

2014-03-27 212457 fox26 drndrama

More DRN Drama

From the time of the DRN malfunctions that later led to their removal from service.

More DRN Drama
The DRN Unit responsible for the incident has been removed from the field, this marks the third malfunction in as many months for the herald in high-tech police androids. While law enforcement officials have refused to comment experts speculate that the DRN synthetic soul software designed, ironically, to make these androids more human-like, could be the cause of these recent issues.

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2014-03-27 212546 fox26 tastypill

A Tasty Pill To Swallow

A Tasty Pill To Swallow
Want a bacon cheese but without the added calories and clogged arteries? A pharmaceutical company is developing a pill that makes you feel like you've eaten all your greasy favorites without actually having to consume the food.
Text crawl
An official spokesperson from Massive Dynamic refused to comment.
Two more arrests were made involving benzupropene, the new street drug known as The Bends. The narcotic is made from a rare alge that grows in the ocean at depths unsafe for most diver and is extremely addictive.
An Expanded selection of holo-tellers at ATM kiosks will be introduced in the coming weeks allowing consumers a greater range of choice for their financial transactions.
Anti-replication officials have been cracking down on the sale of black market cloning…

“A Brand New Bot”Edit

2014-03-27 213452 fox26 newbot

A Brand New Bot

From when the introduction of the MX-43 was announced.

A Brand New Bot
After many months of speculation, law enforcement has officially announced their new line of combat android models- the MX-43. The MX Unit super cops come with all the high-tech bells and whistles you can imagine. But missing from their list of specs is the “Synthetic Soul” software that was a controversial feature of the DRN model androids; expect to see MX Unit officers patrolling our streets in the coming weeks.
Do you feel safer with androids on the police force? We want to hear from you, Get Social With hastag #BotOrNot.

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2014-03-27 214718 fox26 blinkbuy

You Blink It, You Buy It

You Blink It, You Buy It
You've heard of paying through the nose but soon you'll be paying through- your eyes, literally! New retinal scan technology promises consumers the ability to make payments with just a blink of an eye.
Text crawl
The cerebellux procedure is still relatively unproven. The enhancement is meant to increase the percentage of brain usage in human beings, adding sensory abilities and a notable escalation in intelligence from just a minimal boost.
Advances in the synthetic pet industry will soon allow robotic animals to identically match the physical traits of your beloved and deceased cat or dog based on a DNA sample of the animal.
District attorney Harlan House has announced that all protective witness testimony will now be conducted via holographic technology from undisclosed locations due to growing safety concerns.
Singer-songwriter Farnsworth’s new download, Gene, has reached sales of…

“The Perfect Partner”Edit

2014-03-27 214748 perfectpartner

The Perfect Partner

From when it was announced that after six months of trials, every police officer would have am MX-43 android partner.

The Perfect Partner
While a force wide integration has been taken place over the last six months- it's now official, every human police officer will be required to partnered with a synthetic android unit by the end of the year. Law enforcement officials say the move has been a long time coming, sighting a decrease in officer casualties since the MX Units were introduced to the force.

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2014-03-27 214858 fox26 dirtypolitics

Clean Cars, Dirty Politics

Clean Cars, Dirty Politics
Have you gotten a car wash recently? You're vehicle might not be as clean as you think! Taking the term 'dirty politics' to a whole new level., subliminal imaging systems have been discovered on windshields after routine car-wash visits in an attempt to sway voters
Text crawl
…who led the charge in getting the cancer vaccine to sub-Saharan Africa.
As the number of BMB’s, or Black Market ’Bots, on the streets continues to rise, authorities have refused to comment on their increased efforts to stop the manufacture of these androids at the source.
A new Senate sub-committee has been formed to explore the growing field of facial replication technology.
The automotive industry reports a 16 percent decrease in vehicular fatalities over the last five years, crediting the implementation of so called “Black Box” data recorders in all cars and the information that has been gathered from these devices.
A new report out of Boston claims Dr. P. Bishop may have discovered the first scientific proof of the existence of wormholes.


The three snippets were posted on YouTube by FOX on 15 November 2013 to promote the series premier on 17 November 2013. The text crawls at the bottom of each newscast, have hints about future episodes and drop names referencing the TV series Fringe.

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