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DRN-0167 (Dorian)
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Dorian is a "flawed" DRN series android that was designed to be a partner for a human detective with the Police Department.


Technician Rudy Lom introduces Detective John Kennex to Dorian. He possesses some level of emotional awareness that the MX-43 series lacks, and he was mothballed after these emotions were deemed a "flaw." After Detective Kennex terminated the MX-43 unit that was assigned to him (by way of an "accident"), it is decided that this flaw would be a good match for Detective Kennex. Since Detective Kennex also has "issues" of his own, making Dorian more relatable to him.[1]

Dorian was decommissioned in January 2044, 4 years and 3 months before he was re-activated to partner with John.[2]

A Luger Test had been previously administered to Dorian. He does not believe they are an accurate test.[3] It is unknown if he passed or failed the test.[4]

DRN Abilities[]

  • Tasing targets by using his own internal battery
  • Facial recognition with Vi-Fi integration with the Police Department database.
    • C.S.I.-level field lab analysis (inadmissible in court) including:
      • The injection of samples directly into his neck and data sent off via Vi-Fi for analysis.
      • Reading the data from the neural net of a damaged MX-43.
      • DNA breath analysis via finger section.
  • Wireless communication abilities including the ability to receive and transmit images. This also includes the ability to transfer a call to the PD communication devices via an initial touch transfer with his finger.
    • Can shut down all out going communication systems from himself if required.
  • The ability to speed read data on screen at a rate faster than humans.
  • Threat analysis location.
    • Detection of signals using the same frequency within a specific location range.
  • Electronic warfare against defended networks.
  • Voice mimicry.
    • The ability to speak other languages, including Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese.
  • Light source from his eye socket.
  • No requirements of food consumption, just electrical charge
  • The ability to measure the temperature of beverages by inserting his finger into the liquid.
  • Can adjust charge sheets of perpetrators remotely via the Vi-Fi integration ability.
  • Can run bio-scans on humans, including heart rate, testicle capacity, and internal-injury analysis.
  • The ability to run with a speed on par with a motor vehicle (a van). This speed also equates to climbing abilities.
  • The strength to flip a motor vehicle (the aforementioned van) and break through a wall.
  • The DRN's eyes are detachable and able to be used as a camera.
  • Resisting small arms fire with a police chestplate, effectiveness of this armour is variable, as in one episode he is seen to withstand several rounds from handguns and submachine guns, while in the case of the homing bullet, he is shot through the abdomen.


While Dorian has been designed to respect the chain of command, there are questions as to why the Captain chose to pair him with John Kennex. John has been told by Sandra that they were paired together because they were both "special," but she has not enlightened John any more than that. Large sections of Dorian's past have been redacted from the report on him.

Sandra treats Dorian like any of the other officers under her current command.[5]

Dorian has been moved out of the Precinct housing with the MX-43s, at his request. He now resides with Rudy Lom in his Laboratory.[6]

Awards, Commendations, Citations[]

None available

Personnel Notes (For eyes only - Clearance D5 or above)[]

Recently reactivated after four-year offline status. Before assignment to human partner (John Kennex, Det.), model 0167 was scheduled for transfer to fedgov agency NASA to assist in external vehicle repair, suborbital C.N.A. Space Station. History prior to PD assignment: [REDACTED]

0167’s legacy operating system is designed to emulate human emotion. (TechFile #45RPC6, See SubSection: SYNTHETIC SOUL OS) According to recent A.I. subroutine analysis, model is “highly intuitive” and “resourceful.” Capabilities include Vi-Fi integration with PD Database, wireless comm, C.S.I.-level field-lab analysis (inadmissible, requires HQ results confirm), and others. (Specs avail: Attachment DRN_0167-REF)

NOTE: 0167 is obsolete hardware. Most DRN models remain offline due to unpredictable “emotional” behavior. (Ref TechFile above, See SubSection: E.S.S. Events) [1]

Memorable Quotes[]

"'Synthetic, off...' Does that mean you want me to be quiet?"

- Dorian to John Kennex in the cruiser (Pilot)

"I can't say that I was born, I can't say that I grew in a womb or had a childhood, but I was made to feel. And I do, as much as you."

- Dorian to John Kennex (Pilot)

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