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The DRN android model was developed for the Police Department to assist the Human officers in performing their duties. Dr. Nigel Vaughn was the creator of the DRNs through his company, Lumocorp Robotics Corporation.

Their operating system was designed to emulate human emotion. This system is commonly referred to as Synthetic Soul. The models are highly intuitive and resourceful, with the ability to learn from observation and operate from a course of 'free will'. Capabilities include Vi-Fi integration with the Police Department Database, wireless communications, C.S.I.-level field lab analysis (which is inadmissible in court and still requires Headquarters results confirmation), and others.

This is currently obsolete hardware, as most DRN models remain offline due to unpredictable “emotional” behavior, including cognitive instability and reckless actions.[1][2] There were also those that shut down due to being emotionally overwhelmed by the more stressful situations that police officers are exposed to.[3]

Some models have been reactivated to fulfill other duties, generally mechanical repair positions.[4]

Externally, the DRN model is an anatomically correct human male, complete with genitalia.[5]

The erratic behavior of the DRNs were initially tested for using the Luger Test. Certain models were decommissioned after identification via this test. Later on all DRNs were decommissioned.[4]

Dorian and DRN-494 are DRN android models.




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