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DISRUPT are a group who have been on the Cyber Terrorism Watchlist since 2044. The aim of the group to protest via civil disobedience.


Members of DISRUPT are anonymous.


DISRUPT were responsible for a number of DOS attacks on Synturion after the trial, in relation to Aaron Kasden's death, was over.

In 2048, on the one year anniversary of Aaron's death, the group hired CrispenX, a hacker for hire, to send two of the City's power grids offline. They posted the following message on the internet after the blackout.

"Tonight, we took over the city's power grid to mark the anniversary of the murder of Aaron Kasden, and to bring to light companies like Synturion who are putting dangerous technology into the hands of consumers prematurely, and getting away with murder, literally. And it's happened again. We will not stop our fight against Synturion and others like them who destroy lives in the name of profit.":

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