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A Chrome is a genetically engineered human. Genetic defects, such as addiction, are corrected in the womb. A chrome is designed to be perfect in respect to health, beauty, and intelligence.[1] Their genetic advantage allows them a much longer life than the average human, as any congential genetic defects are 'corrected'.

Chromes refer to others who are not genetically modified like them as 'naturals'.

The Electus Club is a club whose membership is restricted to Chromes.

Most chromes take on vocations in the sciences, legal or medical professions; others take on financial professions (such as the stock market). The 'lowest' acceptable jobs appear to be high-end hospitality positions. Many chromes often look down on other chromes that chose to work outside such fields, such as non-traditional artists and law enforcement: such professions are seen as a waste of a chrome's full potential.[2]

List of identified Chromes[]

List of possible Chromes[]

  • Anita Healey
  • David Abbott
  • Alan Lacey
  • Rachel Ellis
  • Jason Reeves
  • Julia Sanchez
  • Jesse Wilson
  • Marika Borsinski
  • Rebekah Lambert


The term 'Chrome' may come from the word 'chromosome', the threadlike strands of DNA in a cell's nucleus that carries the genes in a linear order.

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