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A street in the Koln Avenue district

Creator J.H. Wyman described that his initial idea for Almost Human sprung from a what if scenario he had of Deckard and Roy Batty from Blade Runner having to work together as cops.[1]

A number of visual and other references to Blade Runner have been included in the show. These are listed below.

  • The Koln Avenue District is a visual homage to the Los Angeles 2019 of Blade Runner- perpetual night, rainy and many dilapidated buildings in contrast to the City's bight, clean, glass buildings.
  • Many night shots in episodes feature umbrellas with light shafts in a direct homage to the umbrella's created for Blade Runner.
  • In Skin the hotel where Sebastian Jones and Charlene meet is the Deckard Gardens Hotel.[2]
  • Sebastian Jones, one of the best makers of IRCs is a homage to J.F. Sebastian, the lonely toy-maker/genetic scientist who Pris, the pleasure model, befriends.[2]
  • Sir Run Run Shaw was one of the producers of the film, and Lorenzo Shaw of Shaw IRC was likely named in his honour.
  • Pris Avenue is named after Pris. [2]
  • A large electronic billboard featured a Japanese Geisha in a homage to the almost identical advertisement in Blade Runner. [3]



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