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Biolock access on Pete Vogel's tablet

A Biolock is a lock that uses a person's unique biometric signature to open either doors or computer systems.


Detective Pete Vogel believed that Martinez had locked him out of his file access to the Police Database.[1]

James offered to contact maintenance in order to change the locks on Mrs Miller's office door to a biolock from her current key style lock, as she was continually leaving her keys in the lock. Mrs Miller declined the offer.[2]

Biolock containers holding a drug, vero, could only be opened by an individual's DNA. These were opened by pressing the tube against the lips of the takers. Julian Wollenberg had hidden another container in his room, behind an image of Lila Hoving. Inside the container was a memory stick that was only able to be activated on a Police Department Tablet by Julian's finger prints.[3]

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