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An actuator

An actuator is a device that inserts nanobots into the target area of the patient.

The nanobots would collect the required genetic blueprint and then the actuator would draw the nanobots back out again.

Trials were held in nanobot facelifts using an actuator. The trial was discontinued when the electricity caused by the nanobots triggered arrhythmia in some of the patients until their heart stopped. Other study patients were substantially disfigured.


Eric Lathem was one of those disfigured trial patients. He used an actuator to insert nanobots into specific individuals, causing them to have heart attacks. The genetic blueprints from these victims were then used to perform reconstructive surgery to create his own desired perfect face. The deaths were all marked as heart attacks and until the murder of Brian Barrow, Lathem had gotten away with the other murders. As Barrow was a Chrome, his death from a heart attack was highly unusual and a small pinprick mark was detected at the base of his neck. The mark had been left by the actuator used by Lathem.



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