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Case #59V-E38227

Final Report[]

Welcome to Police System Uniform databases secure audio archives. This field record was filed and closed 2.2 years ago. Case assigned to Detectives Valerie Stahl and Pete Vogel. Detectives Stahl and Vogel, accompanied by an assigned MX-43 partners, responded to a report received by the police system uniform database 911 center. Upon arrival at the crime scene, Detective Stahl immediately determined that an illicit gen-tech deal had gone south. Several unidentified humans were found dead. Detective Stahl filed her initial findings on site. This operation resulted in the arrest of three suspects. Several contraband items, ranging from weapons to technologies were apprehended and stored in evidence. Case 59V-E38227 is closed. End of report.[1]


Case files


34P - C9124440X-M3840259V-E38227666343784534419Q-P77369 (Deleted)

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