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Case #40X - M38402


Welcome to Police System Uniform databases secure audio archives. You have selected case number 40X-M38402. This field record was filed and closed 4.8 years ago. Case assigned to Detective Richard Paul. Dispatch received actionable information from a 911 call based in city zone 7J. The caller, later identified as Lisa Brown, reported an attempted sexual assault and requested Emergency Medical Services. Not for herself but for her assailant. Detective Richard Paul and EMS were dispatched to the location. According to Detective Paul's on site interview with the victim, a vigilante android has intervened during the assault. Further investigation revealed this vigilante to be a DRN, Dorian, with emotional matrix programing. This incident resulted in no arrest and no convictions. The vigilante DRN unit presumably remained at large until mandatory shut downs of all DRN units 4.25 years ago. Case number 40X - M38402 is closed. End of report.[1]


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34P - C9124440X-M3840259V-E38227666343784534419Q-P77369 (Deleted)

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