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Case #34P - C91244

Final incident report[]

Welcome to Police System Uniform databases secure audio archives. This field record was filed 18.4 months ago. Case assigned to Detective John Kennex. Prior to field record, Kennex investigated the operations of inSyndicate, a criminal organization specializing in the acquisition of high grade biotech and nanorg-tech. Evidence suggests that inSyndicate re-engineers this material for weaponization. Kennex identified a base of operations for inSyndicate and commanded a tactical raid on location. Within seconds of entry, Kennex and Bravo One-Seven were ambushed. Kennex’s partner, Detective Pelham, Martin, was critically wounded. Kennex entered an altercation with a police android, model MX-43, unit designation 715. This operation was a failure and resulted in the deaths of Detective Pelham and every member of squad Bravo One-Seven. Four MX-43 units were also destroyed. Detective Kennex survived, but was placed on indefinite medical leave. Case 34P-C91244 remains open. Status unsolved. End of report.[1]

Incident Debrief from Detective John Kennex[]


Incident Debrief:

We were conducting a raid on a verified, illegal, synthetic organ farm. There were rumors it was run by inSyndicate. While waiting for that to be corroborated, we had a window of opportunity to raid the farm. If it was inSyndicate and they found out we were coming, they would bring in reinforcements. The police would be outnumbered and held off until the evidence was destroyed and the perps escaped. I decided to take the risk and move forward, while we still had the element of surprise.

We had 3 teams assembled. Surrounding the facility, Blue Team went in first, Green next, and Red covered us from behind. They waited until we had completely penetrated the perimeter before opening up on us. Bullets, Pulse Charges, Frag Grenades. Every weapon on the street was hitting us from every direction. Every dark doorway, men would pop out. Fire, Retreat…!

Saw the trademark inSyndicate tattoo on the back of one of the deceased suspects, inSyndicate knew we were coming. We were ambushed. Caught in the Kill Zone.

From here, my memory is fuzzy. I was in a coma for seventeen months after the raid. Some things are unclear. I have been having trouble remembering things.

I kind of remember getting a radio call from my partner Pelham. He had been hit nearby, I got a couple MXS to lead me in, but when I got there, it was a choke point. We were in trouble. When the MX did a Med-Scan on Pelham, he said it was too late. But I wasn’t going to let my partner die out there. I was going to get him home. That damn robot left us there. Against orders.

Then I kind of remember carrying Pelham out of there. But I was hit by an incendiary round in the right hamstring. It embedded itself in my “leg” and blew my leg off. When I came to I saw that Pelham was dead. Half my leg was gone. This is where my memory gets hazy again. I think I saw my girlfriend Anna. There, in the smoke. Just staring at me. But like I said, I’ve been in a coma for 17 months. And I can’t remember whoever it was. Threw a light grenade at me. The last thing I remember was trying to crawl away- Then I woke up here, in the hospital.[2]


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