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Case File #00C-Q74104 was investigated by Detective John Kennex and DRN-0167 Dorian.

Exhibit 00C-Q74104-1[]

Captain Sandra Maldonado reports to Superior Court to provide testimony in the case against prominent executive Ethan Avery. Avery is charged with the murder of Dr. Liam Fuller.[1]

Exhibit 00C-Q74104-2[]

Two years ago, Dr. Fuller was killed by three gunshots fired at point-blank range — two in the chest, one in the head. Murder weapon was a K-33 Silverback, a high-capacity assault pistol.[2]

Exhibit 00C-Q74104-3[]

While no fingerprints or identifiable DNA was discovered at the murder scene, two eyewitnesses identified Ethan Avery as the killer.[3]


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