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Case #00C-Q74103 was assigned to Detective John Kennex and Dorian to look into the shooting death of a former friend of John's from the Police Academy, Trevor Cooper.  During the course of the investigation, Rudy Lom undertook to become an undercover agent in order for a case to be built against The Bishop.

Exhibit 00C-Q74103-1[]

Detective John Kennex and DRN-0167 (“DORIAN”) respond to a double homicide report at a warehouse near Pier 22.[1]

Exhibit 00C-Q74103-3[]

Inside Cooper’s vehicle: Cases packed with Benzupropene, aka “The Bends.” A relatively new street drug, The Bends is often difficult to manufacture and obtain.[2]


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34P - C9124440X-M3840259V-E38227666343784534419Q-P77369 (Deleted)

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