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Case #00C-Q74102 was initially a murder investigation assigned to Detective John Kennex and Dorian. During the course of their investigation they discovered that it was a hostage situation used to mask the heist of Palladium from a neighboring building.

Exhibit 00C-Q74102-1[]

Detective Kennex and DRN respond to homicide report at Sanderson Building, 4500 Crescent Ave.[1]

Exhibit 00C-Q74102-3[]

According to an employee calling from inside the building, the suspects took at least 15 civilians hostage on the 25th floor. They appear fluent in police procedure.[2]

Exhibit 00C-Q74102-2[]

Upon arrival, Delta Division determines at least eight gunmen are in the building, on an unknown upper floor. Suspects deactivated the building’s elevators.[3]


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