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Case #00C-Q74101 was investigated by Detective John Kennex and DRN-0167-Dorian. The Albanian Consortium were discovered to have implanted human skin onto some Intimate Robot Companions and were also responsible for the murder of Sebastian Jones and Lorraine White, as well as the kidnapping of Lorraine White, Nicole Bloomquist and Kristen Haseman.

Exhibit 00C-Q74101-1[]

Detective Kennex and DRN arrive at Deckard Gardens Hotel. Homicide victim identified as Sebastian Jones. Jones arrived at hotel with a female, 20s. Approximately 20 minutes later, vic died of multiple gunshot wounds.[1]

Exhibit 00C-Q74101-2[]

Shooters used flash masks (likely applied via aerosol) to disrupt hotel CCTV surveillance and Watch-Drone footage.[2]

Exhibit 00C-Q74101-3[]

On-site investigation reveals female is a sex trade android. Model: Unknown. Manufacturer: Unknown. Licensed to: Unknown. Unregistered sexbots are illegal, per Penal Code 1.13, Section 9[3]


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