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Case #00C-Q74100 was assigned to Detective John Kennex and MX-43 785, initially. With the termination of MX-43 785, DRN-1067 Dorian was assigned to assist Detective Kennex. inSyndicate were responsible for the attack on the Omni truck in the West District, the kidnapping and murder of Detective Pete Vogel, the murder of Officer Vera Patel and the destruction of four MX-43 units, as well as the incursion at the Police Precinct, which resulted in the death of another Police Officer.

Exhibit 00C-Q74100-1[]

Estimates place inSyndicate membership at 30 “core” members, with dozens of affiliate members.[1]

Exhibit 00C-Q74100-2[]

inSyndicate members often wear ghoulish white masks during criminal runs. They are highly dangerous and heavily armed.[2]

Exhibit 00C-Q74100-3[]

inSyndicate’s crimes include: theft of high-grade biotech and nanorg-tech, organ trafficking, DNA theft, and illegal weapons possession & trafficking.[3]


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